Saturday, December 6, 2008

Americans Got Talent


Friday, December 5, 2008

10 Most Well Paid Tennis Players

I am not a very big fan of sports myself but when it comes to keeping a track of beauties like Sharapova and Kournikova, watching Tennis becomes a big necessity.

A lot of players have made history in Tennis but today what we have for you is a list of the 10 most well paid Tennis players.

Take a look and let us know about the players you adore the most.

1. Roger Federer

Is he the best tennis player of all times? Probably yes but time will tell. He is though the most well paid tennis player with 41,8 million dollars in prizes.

2. Maria Sharapova

The beautiful Russian has made some great deals and became one of the top paid with 26millions in her pocket.

3. Rafael Nadal

The top seed Spaniard is the new Olympic Gold medalist and one of the top paid with $18 million.

4. Andy Roddick

The American player has an ongoing deal with Lacoste and 15million $ in his account.

5. Venus Williams

With 5 Wimbledon titles and $15 million, she is definitely one of the best and top paid tennis players of the year.

6. Serena Williams

Like her sister she got an impressive 15million $ total in prizes this year and is ranked among the top ranked players.

7. Justine Henen

Although she shocked everyone when she retired last year being the no1, Henin is among the top paid with 10million $ in prizes.

8. Novak Djokovic

The Serb player with the killer forehand, number 3 in the world ranking is among the top paid with 9.5 millions.

9. Ana Ivanovic

Ana is the first Serb to have won a Roland Garros and one of the cutest tennis players ever. With 8million $ she is also among the top paid.

10. James Blake

Although he left Harvard in order to become a tennis player, Blake did extremely well! He is among the top paid with 7.5million $ and some great deals with Nike and Evian.


Lilypad City: The Noah's Ark of the 21st Century

The architect Vincent Callebaut has designed a city, named "Lilypad City"which is completely self-sufficient in its own. The City floats on the sea and will help to reduce the global warming problems such noise and traffic polutions.

This future dream place will accommodate fifty thousand people providing them with all facilities, such as lakes, shopping Malls and mountains etc.


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Enjoy Your Christmas With These Wonderful Xmas Trees

The Christmas tree is a strong symbol of Christmas. It serves as the family’s center of attention. In fact, it is the center of most Christmas ceremonies all over the world.

Christmas is about traditions and memories, and symmetric and beautifully decorated Christmas trees are something that the entire family will always value and remember. Every year, between 25 and 30 million Americans celebrate Christmas with Christmas trees, thus, the scent of a freshly cut Christmas tree enlivens the Christmas spirit among most Americans.

Christmas trees have a long and exciting history. During the pre-Christian era, people and tribes often had holy groves and trees where they sacrificed to the gods. The trees were most often oak or ash, and they symbolized a connection between heaven and earth. Similar ideas are found in the Old Testament – trees symbolized wisdom and life.

National Treasure Tree
Toasted Champagne Gold Tinsel Tree
Coronado Bay Palm Trees
Bottom's Upside-Down Christmas Tree
Smurftastic Blue Christmas Tree
Purple Groove Tree
Amazing Monitor Tree
Wonderful Wire Ball Tree
Wooden Tree Looks so Cool
Lightening Tree

Christmas Cake Tree
Off White Fur Tree
Very Cute Pink Glowing Tree
LED Christmas Tree


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Amazing Art Work. Photoshop on its extreme


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